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  • blog date 29 October 2019

    Drone footage and 360 Walkthrough Experiences

    Drone footage and 360 Walkthrough Experiences

    We have recently had a number of requests from Golf Clubs to provide drone footage either of the club house and grounds in general, or of the course and specific holes with a view to upgrading their on-line presence. So in this blog, we share a few key things to consider when commissioning a drone video for a golf course or other outside venue.

  • blog date 06 August 2019

    Drone video shoot on a glorious sunny morning

    Drone video shoot on a glorious sunny morning

    Elvan was able to spend some time on client site which was a great opportunity; even more so because she joined Steve, our qualified Drone Pilot. In our blog, she talks about working with Whiteleaf Golf Club during their drone video shoot.

  • blog date 28 June 2018

    Drones for practical uses

    Drones for practical uses

    Drone technology is always improving. With advancement comes more flexibility, and this constant technological evolution has made drones accessible and affordable for the general public, which means that the potential applications have increased exponentially. The opportunity to use technology in new and exciting ways to improve existing processes and explore new territory has never been greater!

  • blog date 18 December 2014

    Video Drones

    The technical guys have been adding things to their Christmas Wish List and the kit that is ticking their boxes at the moment seems to be something like DJI’S PHANTOM II Video Drone. I thought I’d better take a look at what they were talking about and it is kind of interesting, the technology has certainly moved on from a few years’ back.




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