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  • blog date 19 April 2016

    Viral Videos in Advertising

    Viral Videos in Advertising

    Find out the 3 things any video needs to go viral and the 5 things that make up best practice in producing viral branded videos. Some strategies work better than others in video marketing and particularly in viral marketing; however, you don’t need to include all the elements for success – choose those relevant to you and your business and consult with an experience video producer to get the right content out to the right audience.
    3 things any video needs to go viral.

  • blog date 04 March 2016

    Eight top video marketing tips for successful video content

    Eight top video marketing tips for successful video content

    Eight tips to help you make the most of your YouTube video marketing including reasons to translate tags in foreign languages for increase international views in countries you can do business with, reasons to delete videos from your channel and whether to repurpose cross channel.

  • blog date 01 December 2014

    Sharing and Working with Video in the Cloud

    These days it’s equally as important to know how to access your video materials after production as well as during production, and with HD files becoming more common a sturdy platform for video file transfers is essential. Partnering with an industry-leader that continually brings new innovations to the customers, can future proof your online video investment for your clients so we’ve been looking at some of the cloud based video viewing and sharing platforms for professional use.




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