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  • blog date 05 July 2018

    Death by PowerPoint becomes Live by Video

    Death by PowerPoint becomes Live by Video

    At the end of a PowerPoint presentation, the speaker is often asked for the slide pack but how many of those will look through and remember it afterwards? In our blog we discuss how you can extend the life of your PowerPoint presentation by converting it into an engaging Video.

  • blog date 06 March 2018

    Choosing the best font for your video

    Choosing the best font for your video

    There are many fonts to choose from when creating your video. Don’t be afraid to have a play with size, colour, spacing and orientation (landscape, portrait or square). But, the Take One team do have some rules to consider when choosing the right font for your video.

  • blog date 29 November 2012


    The very basics of good lighting for video evolves around 3 point video lighting.

    Good video lighting isn’t an exact science because every venue will be different and the required style vary, but for a good basic tutorial one of our industry colleagues has done a useful video on how too achieve reasonable 3 point video lighting, here.

    For good, quality video images that include human subjects, it’s essential to understand the basics of 3 video point lighting. Once this is grasped, the next question is what colour temperature should you be




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